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Thread: TiVO Bolt and TiVo mini

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    TiVO Bolt and TiVo mini

    I keep running into ads for these and I can't quite figure out if they're an option I might use. We have a lot of TVs and with all of the fees we pay, I am sure paying for a monthly subscription to TiVo would be worth it.

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    I keep trying to figure out how to get the same function I have with my DVR's from Metrocast - WITHOUT having to pay a few hundred a year to rent them.
    Seems like a lot of money if I can just have the same functionality and just buy the equipment, right?

    Has anyone used TiVo at all, with Metrocast?
    Insults are the arguments employed by those who are in the wrong". Jean-Jacques Rousseau

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    I have a Tivo Bolt+ and a mini on Metrocast. You need a cable card for the Bolt+ which Metrocast will give you up to 2 of them free of charge. In order for the mini to work you need both to hook to your network (wired, wi-fi is not good enough). I used an electric line network adapter and setup a MOCA network off of that using a bridge. The bridge hooks between the line adapter and your coax. I believe the Bolt+ can create the MOCA without the need for the bridge, you just plug the coax in and plug in the network cable and you can set it up from there. You may want to invest in some MOCA POE filters also and put one on the cable modem and one on the cable coming into the house prior to it going through your splitter. So far I've had no issues with it. The mini works great. While they state you can have up to 10, you can't use all 10 at the same time. Whenever you are using a Mini is consumes a tuner on the Bolt. The Bolt has 4 tuners and the Bolt+ has 6. You pay a subscription for the Bolts but there is no subscription fee for the Mini. I've been using the Tivos for years now as Metrocast's multi-room DVR solution costs way more than subscribing to the Tivos. I had Premiers that I just upgraded from. I think they had paid for themselves within the first year with the savings I realized from having them as opposed to renting Metrocast's.

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