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Thread: Kid's Books

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    Kid's Books

    We have an astonishing amount of kid's books - frankly, it amazes me - but because we have been accumulating them over years, most of them are way below the reading level of our two oldest.
    Fortunately our middle child is VERY bright and can read at least two levels above her grade with only a little difficulty.

    Trying to find good inexpensive sources for books for pre-teen/young adults. One of my kids is a voracious reader, but the other two, we usually have to make them do it.

    Also - what series of books do your kids prefer? I'm finding that the old Beverly Cleary books I read as a kid are still considered pretty good, and oddly enough - REALLY old "classics" are considered kid material (Narnia, H.G. Wells and Jules Verne).
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    The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan, plus any other books he has written. Clear, easy to read, engaging, and helps understand mythology. He's got a separate series for Greek, Roman, and Egyptian mythology and is currently writing one that combines the characters from all three. Obviously, it's fiction, but he's pretty accurate. Both my son and daughter loved them and remembered enough to correctly answer mythology questions in class.

    Alcatraz vs the Evil Librarians Series by Brandon Sanderson A bit confusing, but hilarious. He also has a book called the Rithmatist.

    The Wolves of the Beyond Series by Kathyrn Lasky

    The Guardians of Ga'hoole

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    The library has a young adult teen section. There's a serious called Shadowchildren. It's about a world where only two kids per family is allowed but there are secret children in the families that the government doesn't know about. A lot of things happen. My daughter and I read it a few years ago and I still remember it. It's by Margaret Peterson Haddix, who also has a few other series. Good luck

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    Books are like clothes - kids outgrow them so fast.

    Try Fenwick's in Ltown -

    And if they have a Kindle, Amazon has a ton of kids books free with Prime.

    When I was 10 my grandmother gave me a copy of Gone With the Wind, which I have read at least a dozen times over the years and it's still my favorite book. Is middle daughter still too young for that?
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    My son reads alot also, he read all the Wimpy Kid series and all the Harry Potters.
    .I would toss in classics and autobiography once in awhile to change up things.
    When he was 10 or 11 I bought him a Kindle, he's 18 now and he replaced it last year with a new one.
    It's alot easier than constantly going to the library only to find what you want is not in stock or has to be ordered in from another library.
    Plus there's a gazillion's of free books available.
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    I forgot to mention The Pendragon series by D.J. McHale is very good. It's about these teenagers that go from one world to another riding flumes and they have adventures. The library also has a preteen section up in the children's section. That's where his books are.
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    I've still got some laying around from when my kids were little...

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