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I have a company sponsored retiree plan thru BC/BS. Last year they offered a new option, an "economy" plan. Standard was about $300/m (single, not married, no kids), the economy plan was $90/m. I went over the two plans line by line, and the only difference I could find was an increase in the deductible by $50. This was no-brainer. Just got the renewal for this year, and it was the same plans, options and costs as last year, so again I renewed for $90/m.

Coverage has been great, covered drugs pretty good, no co-pay.... for the life of me I can't figure out how they can offer it and why any retiree would choose the more expensive plan for the very same coverage.

I hope you guys can find a better option. That's a big chunk of money.
Well somebody's gotta fund govt subsidized health insurance. Looks like it's me.