We pulled into the campground Monday afternoon, got the motorhome out of storage, and proceeded to set it up. Plug into the pole...no power. We've had this problem before and it was always the fault of the pole - hit the reset switch for the breaker, boom, back in business.

Not this time. This time it was us and we had to have the guy come out and fixee. He came out Tuesday evening and worked his magic, and we're good to go.

That night without electricity wasn't fun, but I'm always afraid to complain about some minor inconvenience because I think the Karma Gods will go, "Oh, look, Dee Jay needs something to cry about" and smite me. Not to mention our friends in Houston and the Southeast who are dealing with real problems, so it seems ridiculous to whine about something so piddling.

So my gratitude today is for a couple of things: 1, all my friends and family in the hurricane affected areas are okay with just minor property damage; and 2, that the worst thing that's happened to me in a very long while is that I had to do without electric for 24 hours. It always helps to keep things in perspective.