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Thread: VA disability question(s)

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    Quote Originally Posted by b23hqb View Post
    Like any other kind of disability claims, there is a lot of fraud out there, no doubt. Dude just has to keep his ducks in a row, keep on pursuing it, and don't do ANYTHING outside his limitations to avoid prosecution for falsifying information. That's big. The VA, along with many other governmental agencies, both local, state, and Federal, do seriously pursue fraud when they think someone is faking it, and they will send people out to observe.

    Keep working at it. Usually, all first claims are rejected, usually along with the second request. Most approvals for a rating or rating increase happen on the third and "final" ruling.

    I have a 10% disability rating for tinnitus. My hearing worsened. Went to the VA, they acknowledged my worsened condition, and gave me hearing aids, which do help some in certain circumstances. I applied again, went for further testing, and received a new rating of hearing loss, a big fat Zero. That means they acknowledge a worsening of my condition, but not enough to receive a higher rating, but at least I have a rating. Just keep trying next year.

    Good luck.
    He is always saying that he finds it funny that he is diagnosed with "degenerative discs" which, by definition, means that it will not get better and only will get worse over time BUT, the same people (VA doc) will probably not grant him a disability increase.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Restitution View Post
    I believe that the service is not offered locally (I am not 100% sure on this but will have to ask)

    He uses his disability payments to offset costs to a local chiropractor and treatments.
    Ok, and my understanding with going to the VA is if you need to go out of service they will on a case by case basis send you to a doctor that should accept what the VA pays.
    This is what I don't understand here.. unless he is going and the va doesn't know perhaps?
    I don't know, it just seems like something missing here.
    Good Luck to him.
    No one cares.

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