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Thread: Fraud at Norfolk Nany Shipyard, it's own thread.

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    Fraud at Norfolk Nany Shipyard, it's own thread.

    So, after reading even more, this deserves it's own thread. Cliff notes.

    1. After 9/11, big push to upgrade security and lavish budgets to do it.

    2. Organization staffed with security specialists (think the folks that man the front of the Moffet building and 2185 and 2187, NOT sworn police officers) charged with patrolling inside facilities in the shipyard.

    3. Huge spending spree for purchases and massive requisitions of surplus equipment from DLA

    4. Seven Commanding Officers of the facility did nothing.

    5. Civil servants in charge of the group, not one held accountable in any way, retirements all around.


    1. 92 vehicles worth over 4 million signed out from DLA ranging from Suburban's and Tahoes to backhoes and a flatbed trailer to move stuff around, none of it ever recovered.

    2. Govt charge card open purchase of $150,000 dollar pursuit boat used once to intercept a jet skier who got too close. And another +$200K to berth it offsite to keep it hidden.

    3. Armored personnel carrier that painted with POLICE and was hidden with a fence and hedges, MRAP too.

    4. Established off the book armory filled with Berettas, night vision equipment, and rifles and thousands of rounds of ammo.

    Last word?

    Overall, the IG estimated the enterprise spent $10.6 million on labor that had nothing to do with the security office’s mission and another $10.4 million on unnecessary law enforcement equipment.

    Thus far, none of that money nor the missing vehicles and equipment has been recovered, and neither the Naval Criminal Investigative Service nor the U.S. Attorney has shown much of an interest in pursuing the case, Lintner said.
    The issue with this is that most of the senior folks — the commanding officer at the time, the executive director, the security director and deputy director, the director of the shipyard — all retired, in some cases before they wanted to because they were afraid this was going to go to NCIS,” he said. “We asked if we could go after those folks in retirement and we were told it’s just too hard to do. I’ve been told that some of these folks have tried to get back into the security world after they retired and discovered that the word had been put out that they weren’t trustworthy, and none of them have been able to get jobs in security, as far as we know. So apparently somebody’s keeping track of them. But there’s no recoupment of money, nobody’s out searching for the vehicles that disappeared. That’s not happening
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    Old news.

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    The fact that it happened, old, the details, that's whats new.
    "I aim to misbehave."

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    Quote Originally Posted by glhs837 View Post
    The fact that it happened, old, the details, that's whats new.
    Drop in the bucket...where's the stats on Rapidgate and DBIDS ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by nutz View Post
    ...where's the stats on Rapidgate .....

    what a scan that was ... now that Obama is gone, so is rapidgate
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