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Thread: Infamous North Vietnamese Propaganda Makes Appearance In Ken Burns Series

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    Infamous North Vietnamese Propaganda Makes Appearance In Ken Burns Series

    In 1985, the Australian writer Robert Manne did a study of journalist Wilfred Burchett’s private papers (made available to La Trobe University in Melbourne upon Burchett’s death in 1983). It was suspected then — and thanks to the Soviet archives we now know for a fact — that Wilfred Burchett was a KGB agent.

    Manne made a remarkable discovery in these papers, and wrote about it in the journal Quadrant:

    Of Burchett’s propaganda successes of the 1960s (or at least that I am aware of) none could outdo the visit of the prestigious New York Times journalist Harrison Salisbury to Hanoi in 1966 to report the impact of American bombing on North Vietnam. It is generally understood that Salisbury’s reports had a profound impact on the climate of American opinion in regard to the Vietnam War. For some time, moreover, it has been alleged that in his reports Salisbury passed off officially released North Vietnamese material as if it were his independent observation. But what has not been known is that Salisbury’s trip was arranged through the good offices of Burchett and that Salisbury was extremely grateful for what Burchett had done for him in Hanoi.

    On February 7, 1967 Burchett wrote this to his father: "For your very private information I will quote an extract from a letter I found awaiting me in Phnom Penh from Harrison Salisbury: 'I need hardly say that I am deeply grateful to you for the aid and assistance that you were able to give in presenting my case to the Vietnamese authorities.'"

    Burchett boasted in another letter: "Harrison said what I have been saying for a long time, but it is much more important that it is said in the New York Times."

    Harrison Salisbury's reporting from North Vietnam should be remembered only as an embarrassment to the journalistic profession.

    Infamous North Vietnamese Propaganda Makes Appearance In Ken Burns Series
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    I have been watching the series this week (except last night) and it has been very interesting to see everything that led up to the conflict and all the players involved. It has been eye opening and quite sobering. But I did catch more than a bit of a slant at times, especially underplaying the USA's motives and role in the conflict. Thought this was interesting:

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