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Thread: Proposal to Widen the BW Parkway, I495, & I270

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    Quote Originally Posted by PeoplesElbow View Post
    So what development could widening the BW Parkway ahd the Beltway bring about? I doubt that there is much new to develop between Baltimore and DC, is that for the people that want to live in charm city and commute to DC? I find that an unlikely scenario. Widening the beltway, so it opens up development in Virginia, at Maryland's expense? Another scenario that I doubt.

    The only one of the three that could possibly lead to more development would be I-270 if they wanted to open it up to more people on the other side of Frederick. That is really pushing it because in the early morning on the weekend (ie no traffic) it takes over 2hrs to get from Frederick to downtown DC. I suppose that is possible because I know someone who lives in West Virginia that commutes to Germantown, what a horrible life that is.
    I would like to see them connect the washington Subway with the Baltimore subway along the existing rights of way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rommey View Post
    You're one of those drivers that go 50MPH in the left lane, aren't you?
    45 mph and cuts across the right lane to make a right turn without a signal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hijinx View Post
    I would like to see them connect the washington Subway with the Baltimore subway along the existing rights of way.
    They are already connected. It's called the MARC Train.

    They are looking at maglev, though:

    Don't know where the "study" currently stands. Maglev is the future, but not sure if that's the best segment for it, however.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Weems View Post
    It's just as irritating as it's ever been.

    It's all about the marketing. Build/expand the roads. Like I said, I couldn't care less (well except for the tax dollars it will cost). Just don't sell it as a way to alleviate traffic and be honest: the purpose is to grease the skids for development.
    Its interesting how the bridges that were built on Rt 50 25 years ago in AA Co and Kent Co to eliminate traffic lights and bypass the businesses along with adding one of the westbound lanes to drive east took away the 2 to 8 mile backups at the Chesapeake Bay Bridge on Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings in the late 80's. Along with bypasses like in Bridgeville.
    Originally Posted by littlelady View Post
    I just reported you. You are one scary individual.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rommey View Post

    I think its past due since there are so few options for traveling those corridors and the alternates are just as jammed, and opponents are already lining up to complain about the feeder roads getting congested. Too late, those roads are already crowded and if the main road could handle more cars efficiently, then maybe that will ease the congestion on the side roads.

    I think a public/private venture is a smart way to go, but my concern would be their toll fare structure. The ICC charges $0.22 per mile during peak period (which works out to $3.86 for the entire 18-mile trip. The BW Parkway is about 15 miles so if they kept the same rate it would cost you $3.22. The I270 corridor is 30 miles so expect to shell out $6.60 each way. For comparison the Atlantic City Expressway is about 45 miles long and its only $3.75 ($2.43 with an EZ Pass) and the New Jersey Turnpike is about 122 miles and its $13.85 ($10.40 with and EZ Pass). Meanwhile the I95/495 toll lanes on Virginia's Beltway charge a low of $0.20 per mile up to $1 per mile depending on volume.
    Actually, the BW Parkway is 32 miles in length.


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