I see a lot of local food drives kicking up this time of the year. Just wanted to offer this background/tip for those who like to help.

Outside of individual food donations by individuals, the local Food Banks mostly purchase the food from the state food bank for pennies per pound. I don't know the exact prices they pay and I imagine they vary over time. But, let's say they can buy a pound of food for twenty/20 cents. So, you, as an individual, go to the store and buy a one pound can of peas for $1.00. Now, if you had given that $1.00 directly to the food bank, they could have bought 5 cans of peas.

I asked someone at a food bank why they didn't educate the public as to this fact and they confided that they didn't want to discourage participation. I understand their point and delicate position. However, as a pragmatist, I want my my money to go as far as possible so as to do the most good.

Hopefully I won't get wacked by the Food Bank syndicate for squealing.