Fearless Girl, the bronze statue put up opposite the “Charging Bull” statue in New York City became a rallying point for feminists. But State Street, the company that commissioned the statue, seems to have fallen short of its own professed ideals. The Boston Globe reports State Street has agreed to a $5 million settlement for pay discrimination against female executives:

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In March, an office within the Department of Labor found that State Street had discriminated against women at the senior vice president, managing director, and vice president levels by paying them less than men in similar positions. The agency also claims the company paid black employees less than similarly positioned white employees.

The pay practices covered a two-year period and affected 305 female executives and 15 black vice presidents, the government said. They will receive a total of $4.5 million in back pay and nearly $508,000 in interest.

On Thursday, State Street disputed the federal agency’s findings, but spokeswoman Julie Kane said the company decided to settle the case to bring “this six-year-old matter” to a resolution.

Company behind “Fearless Girl” to pay $5 million for pay discrimination against women executives