For aspiring & established founders alike best practices and central struggles of small businesses how to access the dynamic network of business resources throughout Southern Maryland 30 minute consults with experts speaking platforms for seasoned & next generation influencers roadmap of tools and opportunities in the region Eric Franklin, entrepreneur, author, and angel investor gives keynote "How to Recover from A Bad Choice" For more information about the SEVEN business service providers, PLUS BONUS SIX experienced business consultants, that truly create change locally To Register:

Don't miss this opportunity - you can fit all of this expertise into 4 hours at 30 mintues each: bring your books and sit with a CPA; talk with any one of the marketing specialists about your marketing plans and actions; talk with a lawyer that specializes in patent and copyright laws; do you have questions about web design? graphic design? IT? social media? ; or maybe you have a great idea, product, service and you just want to talk with entrepreneurs that have walked that walk, or have coached others to bring it to market . . . all this and more. Doors open at 7:30am. Get there early and build your own agenda for this half day that may accelerate your growth and YES it's FREE