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Thread: Another example of the mindless cult

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    Quote Originally Posted by Midnightrider View Post

    weren't you just saying that Harvey supporting dems means that dems harbor sexual predators?
    Well, there is your boy DJT and his favorite kids supporting Harvey. Using your idiotic logic that must mean that Trump harbors sexual predators.

    not to mention the idiocy of denying that trump has faced similar accusations and admits to being a womanizer.......
    Toxick said it best in another tread:

    I wonder how many people realize that using liberal logic, Weinstein is proof that Democrats are all sexual predators and rapists.

    1) David Duke supported Trump
    3) Therefore people who support him (i.e. Republicans) are RACISTNAZIFASCISSTWHITESUPREMACISTKKK
    4) Q.E.D.

    1) Harvey Weinstein is a rapist and a sexual predator
    2) Therefore the people he voted for (Obama, Clinton, Sanders, etc) are rapists and sexual predators.
    3) Therefore the people who support them (i.e. Democrats) are rapists and sexual predators
    4) Q.E.D.
    Wrinkles only go where the smiles have been.

    Somewhere, a teacher is crying with their red marker after reading your dribble.

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    Quote Originally Posted by itsbob View Post
    Are you suggesting Weinstein sexually harassed, assaulted or raped Trump, and Trump didn't say anything as to protect Weinstein and Hollywood..

    Or are you suggesting being a MAN, Weinstein more than likely didn't assault or rape Trump, and more than likely Trump had no knowledge of Weinsteins actions?
    I am sorry, but your post is hilarious! You seem to understand the spin of it all, and summed it up, nicely. I have always enjoyed your posts. Thanks for the laugh. I have to include this emoji.
    ​​Like I said. JMO, yo! - Roman
    If you ignore the trolls, they starve. - Wishbone

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