Love venison but not really a fan of the hunt? Well, you're in luck because it's deer season at Arby's.

The fast-food chain announced Tuesday that it will be selling its popular venison sandwiches at all 3,300 restaurants nationwide starting on Oct. 21 after having released it in five states last year.

The sandwich features a thick-cut venison steak marinated in garlic, salt and pepper and cooked sous-vide for three hours. The meat is then topped with onions and a juniper berry sauce, all served on a toasted roll. The sandwich will only be available while supplies last.

The nation-wide rollout comes after Arby's first sold it in 17 locations — most of them located in popular deer-hunting hot spots like Wisconsin, Tennessee and rural Pennsylvania — last fall, where they often sold out quickly. The gamey meat might sound like an unusual addition for a fast food chain — even one with a slogan that touts "We have the meats" — but a lot of people sang the sandwiches praises on Twitter during its original release.

But those at the corporate level certainly weren't deterred!

"The positive response to our limited offering of venison last year was so widespread and passionate that we knew we had to find a way to offer it nationwide," said Jim Taylor, Chief Marketing Officer of Arby's, said in a news release.

Arby's will also be selling a limited-edition elk sandwich available in just three locations in Colorado, Wyoming and Montana. That special sandwich will also be available on the same day it releases the venison sandwich.

The chain that prides itself on having "the meats" also had a limited-edition offering in August with a giant Smoked Turkey Leg that weighed about a pound in honor of HBO's highly anticipated "Game of Thrones" season finale.
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