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Thread: Trump issues EO on Obamacare

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sapidus View Post
    And why exactly were those subsidies being given to the big bad insurance companies?
    To try to get them to cover this crazy sh1t called Obamacare.
    It was illegal but worked for a while.
    But now we face reality. Nothing can save it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sapidus View Post
    And why exactly were those subsidies being given to the big bad insurance companies?
    Exactly because they'd all have completely bailed out of Barrycare long before now otherwise.

    Those subsidies are illegal.
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    Looks like those insurer subsidies will continue.

    A key Republican senator said Tuesday he's reached a deal with his Democratic counterpart on resuming federal payments to health insurers that President Donald Trump has blocked. At the White House, the president spoke favorably about the bipartisan pact.
    In brief comments at the White House, Trump spoke favorably about the effort.

    "It is a short-term solution so we don't have this very dangerous little period," the president said.
    A federal judge has ruled that Congress hadn't legally approved the payments, but Obama — and initially Trump — continued them anyway. Trump halted them last week, even though by law insurers must continue reducing costs for lower-income consumers.

    Trump and some Republicans consider the payments to be bailouts to carriers. But Democrats and some Republicans say halting them will create chaos in insurance market places.

    The so-called cost-sharing reductions cost around $7 billion this year and lower expenses like co-payments and deductibles for more than 6 million people.
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    Everything was progressing according to plan, but ya'll had to mess it up by not electing Hillary. Obamacare was supposed to fail at the very start of her second term, so it could be swiftly replaced with complete single payer health care. Now with Republicans in charge of everything, it will either be propped up just enough to keep from collapsing (so they don't get blamed for it) or possibly repealed before too many people are completely dependent upon it.

    Why couldn't you just stick to the plan.

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