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It’s Weird How Little Interest Liberals Have In This Mass Shooter

Did you know there was a mass shooting on Wednesday in Maryland. No? Is it because the liberal media didn’t freak out about it and the democrats did dance on the corpses of the victims to push gun control? It does see kind of odd that there was a bonafide mass shooting and yet there is very little media attention, doesn’t it? Maybe it’s because the shooter was black and that doesn’t fit the “white men commit all mass shootings” narrative the left is so fond of pushing.

Fox News reports that around 9am in Edgewood, MD 37-year-old Radee Labeeb Prince opened fire on his coworkers at Advance Granite Solutions. Using a single handgun, Price shot 5 people, killing three of them. The other two victims are in critical condition.


According to WTTG, Prince has been arrested 42 times in Delaware. He has 15 felony convictions and 4 more misdemeanor convictions. I guess we found at least one reason why democrats aren’t making a big deal about this. It’s kind of hard to push gun control when a guy with 15 felony convictions gets his hands on a gun and kills three people. In fact, this story proves exactly how ineffectual gun control laws are.


The fact that Prince is black however may be the real reason this mass shooting hasn’t gained any traction on the left. Mass shooters are supposed to be white men and it is used by the liberal media to push both a racism and a sexism narrative. It’s also used to show that we need tougher gun laws because otherwise normal white guys can snap and go on shooting sprees so nobody should be allowed to own guns. A black guy with a long criminal history using an illegally obtained gun doesn’t help any liberal agenda.
How does a man with 15 Felony convictions stay on the street?
What County Attorney in Maryland Nolle Prosequ his gun violations with his record in Delaware?

Better yet---who is this guys attorney? If I get in trouble this is the man I want.