WATCH: College Students Love Trumps Tax Plan ... When They Think Its Bernies Plan

However, when Phillips claimed the tax plan was actually from Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), and asked students what they thought about it, they loved it. They described the plan they thought was Bernies as important, positive, a good idea, and beneficial for the country.

Phillips then asked the students what they thought about Sanders plan (really Trumps plan) compared to Trumps tax reform which they had no clue about before being interviewed:

I think it was pretty good, one student said. Definitely better than whatever Trump is proposing, I would make that leap right there.

Students were stunned to learn that the plan they loved so much was actually Trumps plan.

"It could be a policy of giving me ice cream, but if it's Trump I'm going to be like, what's in that ice cream?'" one student said.