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Thread: FitBit/other options

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    FitBit/other options

    Anyone here have a fitbit or a fitness tracker? I would like opinions....I bought a cheap knockoff because it did BP as well as the other apps. But it stopped working after about a week. I am thinking about a Fitbit but they don't offer the BP reading and that (along with sleep monitor and pedometer) is something I am interested in....

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    Neither Monello nor I loved our Fitbits. Both broke within a year.
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    What kind of phone do you have? My Samsung has a fitness tracker built in.
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    What kind of phone do you have? My Samsung has a fitness tracker built in.
    i have an LG -- which I don't care for lol. Switched to Cricket because Verizon bill was going thru the roof. I miss my Note :(

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    I just asked my son which one he uses, he has a Fitbit Surge. He's a runner, he says he charges it maybe twice a week and wireless docking, and he is happy with it.
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    I have a Fitbit One, the kind that attaches to your waistband. I've washed it twice by accident and it's still ticking

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    i bought a fitbit charge 2 today. after the charge charges and I get some use out of it, I will review it...

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    I have had the charge 2 since November last year (black friday deal at amazon) and the only way I think it could be improved on is if it synced with my favorite fitness program on my phone "Sports Tracker"
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