Today we took a ride down A1A to Daytona (note to self: must get convertible). It was a nice ride but St. Augustine is better - prettier, better architecture, more eaty/drinky/walky places. There's a small boardwalk area with a few shops and such but it really wasn't all that (unless there's stuff that we couldn't find).

Saturday we went to downtown St. Augustine and walked around, had lunch at Prohibition Kitchen. Then Sunday we went to the Chowder Debate - kind of like Taste of Solomons/St. Mary's/ etc but everyone was serving various renditions of clam chowder, then you vote on a winner. I've never been a fan of Manhattan clam chowder but Minorcan clam chowder is delicious, at least at Conch House. Spicy and a bit thick, lots of personality.

We need a few more pool days and at least one more downtown day before we leave. And we need to get to Sunset Grill for lunch or dinner.