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Thread: TPS, the RCC & the Trump administration

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    TPS, the RCC & the Trump administration

    To recap. We allow a bunch of people to relocate to the US on a temporary basis. The Haitian earthquake was 7 years ago. 7 years! And now it's time to pack and go back home. Maybe put the emphasis on temporary. I'm sure there is a Haitian word for that.

    Now the moral authority on humanitarian treatment of people(unless those people are children who were sexually abused by priests) says it would be inhumane to not allow these people to stay in the US indefinitely.

    "But families will be ripped apart". Seems like the families were ripped apart when some came to the US. I the whole family came here, then they can go back together. Problem solved.

    And can someone explain to me how 325,000 people can become parents of 270,000 children in a few short years?

    I think the church should stick to issues that deal with their chosen faith. Preach all you want. If they want to delve into the political arena, then it's time to pull their tax free status and have them pay their own property taxes.

    November 3, 2017 - Cardinal Seán P. O'Malley Statement on Temporary Protective Status (TPS)

    I am calling upon and urging President Trump and his administration to again designate and extend TPS to individuals and their families for all four of these countries. This humanitarian crisis has both national and local implications for Massachusetts. Nationally, there are an estimated 325,000 people with TPS. These are parents, workers, homeowners, taxpayers and members of our faith community. The decision deadlines for TPS are looming. People who are covered by TPS are living in a constant state of fear and anxiety, not knowing how they will be able to remain legally in the US if TPS status is terminated. Families are at risk of being torn apart. TPS recipients are parents to over 270,000 US citizen children. Every day in our Catholic Charities offices, our parishes, our schools and our communities, these parents come to us and ask, “what will I do” and “where will my children go if I have to leave, I cannot take them with me, they only know life in the US?”
    Massachusetts is home to the third largest Haitian diaspora and among the diaspora are over 4,700 Haitians in TPS, having received that status after the devastating earthquake of 2010. Haiti has not fully recovered from the earthquake and then has suffered more damage from Hurricane Matthew. Haiti is not ready to receive its nationals. The situation is similar for over 5,000 El Salvadorans with TPS who live in our Commonwealth, work, own homes and have raised children as US citizens.
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    Of course everyone wants them to stay. That's how we are.... remember when we were kids and it was time for our friends to go home? Remember how someone would plead for just a little more time..... it's human. It's normal.

    Someone will have to be an adult and enforce the time to leave.... and everyone involved will be upset for one reason or another.... it's human... it's normal.

    After all these years.... I wouldn't want to leave either.... and someone would be there.... tapping their finger on their wristwatch saying "it's time". It's human... it's normal.

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