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Thread: Homestead CHAMPIONSHIP Race

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    Jun 2008
    North Carolina ,The Home of NASCAR

    Homestead CHAMPIONSHIP Race

    Standing PRIOR to Homestead

    CALV 109
    OHCG 89 -20
    STGIS 83 -26
    HD20 77 -32
    AJ 74 - 35
    C_F 70 -39
    CLEV 30 -79

    Calvocopf has Clinched the "Championship" for 2017 ! Calvcopf 2ND , SOMD Championship !
    Positions 2 thru 6 are still in contention . Clevalley has SOLE possession of LAST

    For 5 point BONUS eligibility , Calv - OHCG -STGIS ( Truex ) . HD20( Busch )
    Bring Back the ORANGE Home Depot # 20 CAR , NOW !

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    NASCAR Fan homedepot20's Avatar
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    Jun 2008
    North Carolina ,The Home of NASCAR
    Kyle Busch WINNER
    Denny Hamlin
    Matt Kenseth
    Truex Jr
    Bring Back the ORANGE Home Depot # 20 CAR , NOW !

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    Martin Truex Jr Win/Champion
    Kyle Busch
    Kevin Harvick
    Brad Keselowski
    Matt Kenseth

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    We stopped in the gift shop at the International Speedway in Daytona. They sell all sorts of gear with your favorite driver or their car on them. Pjs, sheets, pillowcases, you name it.
    "Is Uncle Monello homeless?"

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    Well since they won't be back next year.

    Matt Kenseth WINNER
    Dale Earnhardt Jr.
    Danica Patrick
    Michael McDowell
    Landon Cassill

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    NASCAR Fan homedepot20's Avatar
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    Jun 2008
    North Carolina ,The Home of NASCAR
    Well , The 2017 NASCAR season is coming to a close . Congrats to "Defending SOMD Champion" , Calvcopf , on WINNING his 2nd SOMD "Championship" I have a outside chance of taking 2nd if Kyle Busch WINS Championship & Race & I collected enough points !The JGR team started off slow so my point standing started off slow . now JGR has picked up & so I have (better late than never). Next year NASCAR will lose 2 great drivers , Kenseth & Earnhardt . Eric Jones will be driving the JGR 20 car , so he will be one of my five picks !I hope next year , SOMD NASCAR has MORE competition , We started with the usual 7 , Clevalley dropped out & OHCG has said he might not return . I wasn't quite as vocal & insulting as in past because of lack of PC time . Work PC has a Web filter that prohibits chat site & home PC is slow as paint drying . Next year with more competitors & vocal feedback maybe this forum will get livelier . Any way it been a great competing against y'all and can't wait for Daytona in February . Happy Thanksgiving / Merry XMas / Happy New Year !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Bring Back the ORANGE Home Depot # 20 CAR , NOW !

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    Thanks Guys! It's been fun! Like HD20 said hope we can get more next year!

    Hope all of you guys decide to return on the spring!

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    Jan 2014
    The place looks empty. Nascar doesn't appear to be doing so well.

    Maybe they should bring back the Confederate flags,

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    I have to admit... I'm looking forward to the off season. I'll "see" you all next year.

    Hamlin - Winner
    Ky. Busch
    Ku. Busch
    "Pain heals. Chicks dig scars. Glory... lasts forever." - Shane Falco

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    Well Checkered_Flag kind of beat me to it. My picks were going to be a tribute to those not returning next year. There's Homie's love partner Matt Kenseth, then theres my love partner in my dreams Danica, she's been really plastered by many folks, but she did bring people in to follow NASCAR at a time when fan interest seems to be declining, she is very easy on the eyes. Although she never won a race, she was usually in the middle of the pack and not in the 30's and 40th positions at the finish. Then there is the one I always rooted for the role time on here and my favorite driver Dale Earnhardt Jr., I'm going to miss him, being a old fart and have many of the long time drivers retiring I don't know who I may end up with as my new favorite. It might just be Martin Treux Jr., I have only been to one NASCAR race in my lifetime and it was a weekend that is hard to forget. It was Dover and I cant remember the year, we stayed at a beach house in Ocean City arriving on Friday it was a rainy weekend wasn't looking good weather wise for the race. We packed up Sunday morning and drove to Dover with rain on and off, got there paid $20 to park in a grassy field at a motel, entered the track and then waited and waited for the rain to stop, finally after about 3 hours the race was postponed to Monday had to drive back to OC to the beach house and wait to return Monday. The race was a go Monday and the driver who got his first NASCAR win was Martin Treux Jr and he was racing on the same race team as Dale Jr. at that time.
    So with all that rambling done I was going to pick Junior to win as a tribute to him, but I still want to finish second so my picks will be,

    Martin Treux Jr. (1)
    Dale Earnhardt Jr
    Danica Patrick
    Matt Kenseth
    Kyle Busch.

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