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I'm sorry, the only email I have received is about ------NOTE: You will no longer be able to Add or Restore a username effective November 30, 2017.

I would guess because all of the aol screen names on my account are allowed adult access.. that's a shame, it worked very well and it was free.. it went back to the AOL for $9.95 a month dialup service..
My humble apologies...
No harm intended.

Anyway, I have a LITTLE success with the McAfee I bought last spring. I almost forgot about it. I had a threat of ransomware on my main work computer, and in a panic, I went out and bought a 10 license software that just happens to come with parental controls on it.
STILL have to go through the irritation of creating profiles - "Microsoft accounts" - on the machines, and obviously, Admin profile. So now my kids have to login to their own machines.

It does all right. For now his inability to see some things should suffice, but I will probably have to add more URLs to the router to keep him from going to them.
If there was a comparable router that did a really good job of filtering, I might be persuaded to switch. We have two routers in our home, so I'd have to consider switching out both.
It's just that some routers are so fragile, once they work I tend to step back and mentally think "don't even sneeze".

I'll keep looking for solutions. So far, a combination of reviews from USERS and site reviews tell me, nothing works perfectly that I can find.
Now there MUST be, because my work internet doesn't let ANYTHING through.