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Thread: Be careful on Route 234

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    Quote Originally Posted by luvmygdaughters View Post
    I believe the Stop signs are temporary until the work is completed at the turn around. I'll be glad when they finish the bridge. They're working on the bridge on Rt. 6 also, however, the traffic on 234 is much lighter than on Rt. 6 in the evening. I have sat in traffic on 6 for close to 30 minutes, waiting to go thru.

    I'm thinking the stop signs are temporary too and I'll admit I don't always stop ..not if the coast is clear
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    Quote Originally Posted by LtownTaxpayer View Post
    I don't give a crap about people passing on the shoulder. I care about people passing through INTERSECTIONS. If you are passing while crossing another road - like the INTERSECTION of Penns Hill Road and Allens Fresh Road, there is no shoulder. Perhaps you should actually read a post before commenting.

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    There's a couple problems with this particular intersection. The right turn lane can give the appearance it's okay to go around, but there is no thru pass lane on the other side of Allens Fresh on the shoulder. It's a turn lane first. Second, any traffic on Allens Fresh or Penns should stop at the white line or before. Problem with that is they can't see well enough, and nobody really pays attention to the white line anyways and creeps up further into the shoulder. Three, they're saying it's dangerous to have a dotted line where there are left-turning vehicles onto side roads. If passer doesn't see blinker or goes around because it's clear, they're trusting front driver to check side before turning when it's clear ahead. It won't change a thing and people will continue to go around the left turners, but it is a dangerous spot. I also see tons of cyclists in good weather coming off Allens Fresh Road and heading back to 301, and they are way out on the shoulder checking traffic. As for the roundabout, everyone is used to it from Chaptico and so the stop signs are a joke.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris0nllyn View Post
    What traffic circle has stop signs? Isn't the point of a circle to yield?
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