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Thread: Cops fight each other...... with a siezure twist

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    Cops fight each other...... with a siezure twist

    So, two cops from one precinct are trolling for cars to seize.....

    Sources say it started when two special ops officers from the 12th Precinct were operating a “push off” on Andover near Seven Mile. That is when two undercover officers pretend to be dope dealers, waiting for eager customers to approach, and then arrest potential buyers and seize their vehicles.

    Want to bet how many potential buyer actually get prosecuted vs how many just write off the cars to stay out of the papers?

    So the pulled in two officers from another precinct looking to buy and bust dealers. Then there was a raid on a house, where more fighting broke out? Very confusing evidently. But to me, they big story here is that the Detroit Police are engaging in law enforcement for fun and profit, which practice should get a good hard look. Wonder how many hundreds of thousands they are making off this scam each year.....
    "I aim to misbehave."

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    Quote Originally Posted by vraiblonde View Post
    If you don't like it, go #### yourself.

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    Nice way to run a Police Department.

    The right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing, and they are screwing around with each other while people are being gunned down in the streets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hijinx View Post
    Nice way to run a Police Department.
    It's Detroit after all.
    Saying we are a country of "Immigrants" is an insult to our ancestors.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lurk View Post
    It's Detroit after all.
    And, that is such a shame that Detroit has gone to shiat.

    Back in the day, my grandfather was one of the original UAW members, and my grandparents lived there. They were transplants from their farm in Missouri. They are most prob rolling in their graves. I am rolling in my grave, and I am not even there, yet. God bless America.

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