Ehrenkranz continues, “By turning a blind eye, she bore ultimate responsibility for any issues that arose under her leadership.”

According to the report, Huffington cheered the “elevation” of Jimmy Soni, then-managing editor of the website. Soni had actually been bumped to Huffinton Post india, not exactly a vertical move. What prompted the move? Gawker reported that Soni was allegedly sexually harassing women in the newsroom. Gizmodo reports that they spoke with nine sources on background, all afraid of retaliation for speaking out; one of those sources stated that Soni was transferred because Huffington herself knew about the allegations before there were even HR ramifications.

Soni allegedly used the Huffington Post editorial fellow program to recruit possible paramours. Here’s Gizmodo:

One former staffer said that on one or two occasions while Soni was managing editor, he tried to kiss or make-out with her. She also added that when Soni took over as managing editor, “#### hit the fan,” and that he created a toxic work environment, enforcing unrealistic goals and working everyone tirelessly.

SHOCK: Report Alleges Huffington Post Creator Turned A Blind Eye To Sexual Harassment Of Female Employees