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Thread: Another sad day for ChrisOnllyn

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    Quote Originally Posted by Merlin99 View Post
    I have to admit that I'm tending to give the cops more benefit of the doubt but I read that top to bottom and didn't see proof of a single persons guilt. I see quite a lot of supposition, but no actual proof of guilt.
    Supposition and biased interpretation is all they've got.
    “In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act” - Geo Orwell

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    He shouldn't have died and I feel no joy about his death. The reality is, he didn't die as the result of intentional or reckless conduct by any particular police officer. He died as result of:

    - how justice is administered in Baltimore. With his 19 priors, he should have been at the Western Correctional Center in Cumberland, not on the streets in Baltimore.
    - policies promoted by the BPD leadership and states attorneys office that forced the street cops to chase around small-time dealers and lookouts like Freddie. If they got arrested, they are back on the street within hours and the game starts anew.
    - policies of BPD on the transport of prisoners and the insufficient equipment provided to the front line officers. Had he been placed in the back of a patrol car with polycarbonate 'cage' and directly driven to central booking, there wouldn't have been any opportunity to stand up and take a tumble.

    The city had an obligation to keep him safe while he was in custody. The city failed at that and spent a lot of money to avoid a lawsuit. What provably didn't happen was that any individual person comitted a criminal act that led to his demise.

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    First, I asked for evidence. You cited a magazine story. Second, you cited a discredited magazine as your source.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tom88 View Post
    First, I asked for evidence. You cited a magazine story. Second, you cited a discredited magazine as your source.
    Yeah, links forum members provide are not always agreeable with other members; as it should be. Differences, and all. But, to reference Rolling Stone is dumb as all get out. Maybe dog was being sarcastic. But, I doubt that.
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