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Thread: MARK LEVIN Exposes WaPo Hit Piece on Judge Moore As Complete Fabrication

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    Quote Originally Posted by PsyOps View Post
    My recollection is, when Obama was in office the GOP offered up a repeal somewhere in the number of ~80 times.

    All of the mice are for "belling the cat" - until they need someone to do it. The problem with all of the previous GOP plans is, they had ideas that SOMEONE in the party was going to object to; plans that someone would say doesn't change anything; ideas that wouldn't be implemented but a number of GOP members wanted - and the fallout in the press should they ACTUALLY start to vote on a plan because they can always portray it as throwing poor people under the bus. How many times can it be said that a plan "NEVER excludes people with pre-existing conditions" and still have people decrying it as actually doing JUST that? How often can it be said that it is "replacing" another plan without someone saying it will END care for X number of people - the very same number that will be under the new plan?

    The GOP is never well prepared for a hostile press when they're driving the car.
    “Good intentions will always be pleaded for every assumption of authority. It is hardly too strong to say that the Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions. There are men in all ages who mean to govern well, but they mean to govern. They promise to be good masters, but they mean to be masters.".Daniel Webster

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    ABC News reports Beverly Young Nelson will have a news conference later today. In this interview, she indicates that she added the date/location to the yearbook but maintains the signature is Roy Moore's.
    I only forged part of it, yeah..thats the ticket...funny stuff

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