But, of course, thanks to the giant hard left progressive faction within the Democrat Party, they have a problem. The crony centrist Clintonish contingent is perfectly happy to ignore Dem abuse of women because they donít actually care Ė it is all a pose. But the prog wing has an incentive to continue to pretend to care about women because their faux outrage is a weapon they can wield in trying to win the party civil war. So now, they have Albatross Franken to deal with Ė some of the Democrats arenít going to go along quietly with the usual three-act script that dictates a first act of fake concern, then a second act of fake contrition, and that climaxes with fake consequences. Franken may well be sacrificed on the altar of wokeness.

Gosh, I love blue-on-blue fratricide.

Roy Moore is a pain to the GOP for what he allegedly did back when he was a Democrat, but the Donkeys are doing all they can to neutralize the fallout. Franken and Menendez also provide the GOP with a ready-made response to all those Roy Moore ads the Democrats are slobbering to drop. Stuart Smarmy was dumb enough, and tacky enough to, doggone it, let himself get caught on film doing it. The GOP might be the Party of a Perv, but the Democrats are the Party of a Bunch of Pervs.

Hereís the thing everyone sees clearly now. The Democrats never actually believed all that stuff they shovel about women. It was a pose, a scam, a grift run on the suckers. And now, thanks to the likes of Al Franken being unable to interact successfully with women who are awake, the curtain has been thrown back. What it reveals is a pathetic collection of losers trying to leverage their positions to get a few cheap gropes.

Thatís your Democrat Party. Thatís who we conservatives will face in 2018. Sadly, the only people stupid enough lose to these creeps are the ones running the GOP.

Letís All Savor The Democratsí Pervgate Pain