"Charlie is going to do everything he can to help the young people get placed," . . ."and he's going to talk to Bloomberg and others to see if he can't help them."
Put them all on the Anti-2A payroll? I think not.

"We wouldn't cancel the show," . . ."We didn't want 200 people's jobs to be impacted because of a passing producer's wrongdoing."
I wonder if the evening viewing fare will not be flooded by "He made me feel uncomfortable as I slept my way to the top." movies

. . .his projects with HBO and Showtime were suspended, along with plans for a book from Penguin Press. When it was scrapped, HBO's adaptation of his book "Game Change" already had actor Tom Hanks and director Jay Roach attached. Showtime also ended Halperin's role in the political documentary series "The Circus."
Cripes, even Tom Hanks gets a pink slip.

"If allegations are proven, a wrongdoer should suffer serious consequences, but those consequences should not be borne by the employees of the alleged wrongdoer," . . ."They are innocent bystanders who having nothing to do with the harassment."
Gloria Allred (and daughter) can smell a really really big class-action lawsuit ripening in the gutter.

Now all Americans screwed by Obama over the last eight years should start demanding restitution from his multi-million dollar estate.