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Thread: Hunter mistakes woman for deer - 1 dead

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    Why would he be shooting deer with a pistol?
    In MD, you can use 'modern handguns' (as opposed to muzzleloaders) in the areas where you could hunt with a rifle otherwise:

    There are specific requirements, a 6in barrel length and a minimum muzzle energy of 700 ftlbs. Most people use large caliber revolvers or dedicated single-shot hunting pistols, but there folks who have specialized semi-autos built to satisfy those parameters. It's a challenge, more like archery hunting on closer in distances (up to 50 yards). I don't think any ethical hunter would try to take a deer at 200 yards with a pistol.

    This story sounds fishy. In northern MN someone offed a business partner with a .300 WSM from a distance trying to make it look like a random hunting accident.

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    The more I think about this is that Rosemary prob walked her dogs a lot. She would be familiar in the neighborhood. Her hub doesn’t seem that distraught about her death. Hmmm....

    Here is my current bing search...
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