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An incompetent American President who claims to be above the law is also a threat to every American...and a threat to world stability.

Amazing that none of you nor Tucker Carlson understand the big steaming pile of crap he stepped in with that first line.
My first thought was she/he/it must be thinking about Barrack Obama who made his own laws and used his Attorney General and his IRS to punish his enemies, and protect his friends from their criminal acts, such as having a private email server that she used to take bribes and gave information to hackers.
She/he /it must be talking about an incompetent President who gave shoulder fired missiles to ISIS, and cash money to Iran so they couod continue their terrorist acts and build their nuclear weapons,a sure threat to world stability.

Amazing how ignorant She/ he/it is not to understand the steaming pile she stepped in by attacking Donald Trump and defending the incompetent Muslim we were so fortunate to get rid of before he totally destroyed our country.