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Thread: Trial for Mechanicsville Crash Postponed Again

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yooper View Post
    This is first-hand: they were belted in. The impact was so strong that it pretty much literally destroyed the vehicle; ripped apart the seat belts/restraint system. Also, first hand: the article understates how serious the injuries were and how much the husband/wife couple still have to overcome (both physically and mentally).
    A week living the life of her victims would be a good start for punishment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lovinmaryland View Post
    I'm honestly surprised this is the first of this being posted.
    It's sad because when she's not being a psycho, she's a terrific person. It was only a few years ago she had a great life - a good man, a nice home, friends, she was intelligent and interesting, kind and engaged. She seemed to be overcoming her addictions - which are numerous - and doing well. Then she took a little slip. And another little slip. Next thing you know, she's lost everything, altered a lot of lives, not the least of which are the people she freaking plowed into and almost killed.

    They need to lock her away because she's not going to get better unless she's forced to. Maybe not even then. It's not going to help the Kalnasy family, but at least she won't be in a position to do this to anyone else. I hope with all my heart she's not allowed to skate on this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GregV814 View Post
    In my opinion attorneys like Bob Harvey have been ambulance chasing defense whores existing forever. Remember the words of William Shakespeare.......However, every scum sucking idiot is entitled to, You and I will foot the bill because the accused surely can't....
    I know who Bob Harvey is, and you are right.
    ​​Like I said. JMO, yo! - Roman
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