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Thread: Sessions playing possum?

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    Sessions playing possum?

    It's an interesting theory anyway....

    And I had to quote this part just to watch TJ's head explode this morning. Because that's always fun.
    Trump has been viciously attacked from the day in 2015 when he announced his candidacy. Like Superman, the bullets have bounced off his chest, wounding many of those who attacked him. It's likely that this entire investigation will have the same outcome.
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    If Trump really thought Sessions was doing a terrible job, he'd simply fire him. It's not like Daddy has a problem making heads roll.

    *I* am frustrated. *I* want action NOW. That doesn't mean nothing's being done, it just means it's not as public or quick as I'd like it to be.
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    It's up to the trumpster to get this stuff done, and it starts with a plain and simple order to Sessions to do it. Unless, of course, both of them have some chips in the game they should be investigating.

    Trump is getting a bit more savvy politically, which is good, but he is way behind the curve on this one.
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    This story as posted refers to Sessions playing possum with the Mueller Investigation.
    It gives the authors opinion of why he is laying low with this investigation.
    That's cool and I cannot see his point, but for arguments sake let's just let that pass.

    Why is he sleeping on Hillary and her crimes while S.O.S.
    Why isn't he charging the Democrats with buying the Russian Dossier , one of the dirtiest tricks ever played.
    Why isn't he investigating Hillary's Uranium sale.
    These things pertain to Russia, but they have nothing to do with stopping Mueller.

    The way I see it Sessions was a Senator and he will have nothing to do with prosecuting someone who was once a Senator.
    The fraternity of Government on Capitol Hill.

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