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Thread: Donald Purdy & John Horne (Re: Unsolved Murder)

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    Quote Originally Posted by jam20636 View Post
    Absolutely. Francis Abell Woodburn was killed in an apparent hit-and-run accident in 1982. Purdy and Horne investigated the matter in 1993 and brought charges against two Hollywood men at the time. They claimed that it was, instead, an intentional beating instead of a hit-and-run. The evidence was incomplete and it appears that the two men were acquitted because a traffic citation showed that they were actually in police custody that evening for drag-racing and drinking.

    In 1994, the grand jury released a report excoriating the police department for bringing the case--among other things--with incomplete and unfounded evidence. My legal training has centered around how wrongful convictions happen, so this book and case is one of legal interest to me. I have wanted to learn more about the investigators themselves and to understand what the perception of their work has been and what experience people have had in the County. Thanks, JD.

    If anyone has any information they wish to share confidentially or anonymously, please email me at:
    Last I knew Don was still alive. Have you tried asking him?

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    Quote Originally Posted by officeguy View Post
    You asked this question before on this forum. In 2004 !!
    Ahhhh. This forum has a historian. I didn't know that!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 3CATSAILOR View Post
    Ahhhh. This forum has a historian. I didn't know that!!
    Probably the most interesting thing they've read in the last 14 year so it was easy to remember.
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    Quote Originally Posted by somdforever View Post
    I heard he now lives in Newberg, MD.
    That could be the case. I thought he'd moved to VA somewhere.

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    Yes, I would love to be in touch with them. I have tried twice by USPS unsuccessfully, but would certainly be interested if anyone knows how to get in touch--please email me (see above).

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    Quote Originally Posted by somdforever View Post
    I heard he now lives in Newberg, MD.
    Here is some info.

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