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Thread: Itinerary for Summer/Fall/Winter 2018

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    Quote Originally Posted by Monello View Post
    The Scranton area. Moscow is the nearest town. It's pretty much in the middle of the woods. Luckily the interstate isn't too far away.

    Woods are great ...
    I cannot think of anything else to recommend ...
    my cousin's always wanted to go to Kennywood ...
    there are great historical things to see in Philly, but then you are in Philly
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    Quote Originally Posted by GURPS View Post
    there are great historical things to see in Philly, but then you are in Philly
    stahp it. Philly is fantastic.
    none of my yoga pants have ever been to yoga.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vraiblonde View Post
    I just two minutes ago booked us into South Padre Island KOA for the month of Jan 2019.
    Quote Originally Posted by Monello View Post
    Wow, where to start? First off, and I truly believe that Vrai will back me 100% on this, it's an amazing lifestyle.
    Kinda weird addressing two people that are probably sitting across from each other or . Thanks for sharing so much on the topic. Related expenses and splurges are why I scratched the original thoughts of how much. Eating in/out, what /where, cocktails/beer, escorts, blow all add or subtract according to our wants and desires. Somewhere along the way there will probably be replacement costs to add in also. Paying rent by the month will be one hurdle, figuring out the last stop will be another. The in-between, nothing but more adventure and (hopefully) fun stuff.
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    Our 2019 trip is shaping up nicely. Looks like Big Bend National Park is off the table and Yuma added to it. Post GC, we'll probably head east on 40 to see Albuquerque/Santa Fe then Amarillo.

    We have our January locked in at South Padre Island. Trying to get 2 months in the Grand Canyon area for August/Sept or Sept/Oct. Then just have to piece the other stops in place. I'm trying to avoid doing much driving in the mountains and if I have to, just stay on the interstates for the most part.

    Planning the trips are a lot of fun. So many choices of where to go and what to see. And we have an expectation for where we'll stay. Some places you have lots of choices and others, not so much. The prices out that way are a pleasant surprise as they are very reasonable. That will be a welcomed relief after New England and South Florida prices.

    I know we are going to enjoy the scenery out west. Once we hit New Mexico well be in that rugged terrain with more mountains than trees. It is amazing that we are now planning our trips out over a year in advance. But if you want choices and options, booking early is the best course of action.
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    South Padre and Grand Canyon are booked way in advance because of demand and limited suitable choices. If you want to tent camp or boondock at Grand Canyon, you have a zillion choices; if you want a nice resort with amenities, you better nab it ASAP.

    The rest of our trip will be booked much closer to actual arrival time, unless I find something I HAVE to have. Then I'll go ahead and book it right away.
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