As reported by Breitbart News, senior software engineer Alon Altman pressured Google to sabotage President Trump’s Android phone, and called on the company to use the “full economic force [of] Google for good” by deleting the Gmail accounts of Trump, his administration and his aides on the grounds of “abuse.”

Additionally, Altman – who is still employed at Google, mind you, and these emails date back to January of 2017 – also urged the tech giant to blacklist “alt-right” websites on the Google ad network, and to remove all “alt right videos” from the Google-owned video-sharing site YouTube. Altman asked Google to also remove “neo-Nazi sites such as The Daily Stormer from the search index.

If you type “” into your search bar, you will come to a page where Google touts its commitment to building an online environment that works for everyone. “Google should be a place where people from different backgrounds and experiences come to do their best work – a place where every Googler feels they belong,” the tech giant states, adding that “diversity and inclusion are values critical to our success and future innovation.” It would seem that, at least with regards to Alon Altman, these standards are not being adhered to. (Related: Google insiders warn that outright censorship of the Internet is Google’s top priority.)

One can make the argument that Altman is only one employee out of hundreds, and that her views on censoring conservative voices don’t represent the views of the entire company. But if that were the case, then why has Google decided to keep her on board instead of firing her for not upholding the company’s standards? Furthermore, there is more than enough evidence which suggests that Google’s war on the right is being waged not just by one employee, but by many. In fact, one could even argue that this anti-conservative sentiment runs rampant throughout the entire company.

CONFIRMED: Radical left-wing feminist Google engineer demanded the company blacklist conservative websites and delete all their videos and Gmail accounts

is saying radical and feminist in the same sentence redundant