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Thread: Its Done: Trump Signs HJR 69 into Law Allowing Slaughter of Alaskan Bear Cubs, Wolf Pups

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    Its Done: Trump Signs HJR 69 into Law Allowing Slaughter of Alaskan Bear Cubs, Wolf Pups

    If you google HJR 69, that's the headline that comes up over, and over, and over, get the idea.

    Leftist libprog bullies are going ballistic, as you might imagine. I'll admit that this took me a little while to sort out to my own satisfaction.

    The REGULATION (81 Fed. Reg. 52247 (August 5, 2016)) was imposed by bureaucrats in the Obama administration has been described as overreach, and even the hysterical eco websites conspicuously do not touch that aspect of the whole thing. The regulation gave the federal agency known as Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) authority to override the State of Alaska, not just on federal land, but on all land where it pertains to management of flora and fauna.

    What the law, HJR 69 does is gives Congress the authority to override that regulation, and that's exactly what they did, with Trump signing it into law.

    Personally, I'd settle for some consistency as to what and when people think the Federal Government ought to dictate to states and when states ought to be able to ignore the Fed, if they so choose.

    Management of natural resources in Alaska: clearly the Fed; enforcement of immigration laws: apparently the states know best.


    So anyway, rather than doing any research, the usual suspects began shouting on the interwebz "bear cubs and wolf cubs are going to be slaughtered." You know where it goes from there.

    Fortunately, the State of Alaska has answers.

    Please take note of the following Q and A:
    • Does the State of Alaska permit the denning of bears and or bear cubs? If so, in which cases?

      Yes, in a limited area where it is a customary and traditional practice as was requested by local residents. (emphasis added) The Federal Subsistence Board also currently allows federally qualified subsistence users to engage in this practice in certain areas."

    Most of us on this board can figure out what that means; libprog social justice bullies, not so much.
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    OMG!!!! Whats next Mr. President? Puppies and Kittens!!!!

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