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Thread: Greetings from Baton Rouge!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Monello View Post
    I do know that down here you can still be convicted even if 2 jurors vote not guilty. They only need 10 out of the 12 for a conviction.
    Dang, you all have your own interwebs tour guide....

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    Quote Originally Posted by black dog View Post
    Dang, you all have your own interwebs tour guide....
    We value the input of the people on the forums. People are a great source for places we have yet to visit but they may be very familiar with them. We don't say it enough but it is greatly appreciated. That's why we put out our itinerary in advance. Hopefully someone will point us in the right direction for places to go, things to do, or where to eat and drink.
    "Is Uncle Monello homeless?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Monello View Post
    The kicker pranced around like tinker bell, doing a high step walk.
    He's talking about Ronaldo here, btw.
    "Too much agreement kills a chat."
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