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They're so brainwashed and sheeplike they make my teeth hurt.
Wife and I have been watching "The Good Fight" - which is a continuation of "The Good Wife" but without Julianna Margolies.
It was always a bit liberal - even the writers admit that - but occasionally from time to time, they try to portray the right fairly.
I say try because even though Gary Cole - who guest stars as a forensics expert so he's fairly strong on the 2nd Amendment - and
another partner named Julius - an African-American who voted for Trump - they often treat the right as insanely crazy.

But some of the latest episodes I thought perfectly encapsulated what the left is experiencing. The firm meets with a member
of the DNC who wants to hire a law firm, should the Democrats take the House. They want to immediately move to impeachment -
and they need ideas on what to impeach the President on.

You read that right. They want to brainstorm on WHAT will work. They don't KNOW what they will bring up, they just want to
throw stuff at the wall and see what comes up. This is wrong on so many levels, it's flabbergasting. But it's consistent with what
the Democrats have done, since they have been calling for impeachment BEFORE HE EVEN was inaugurated. The whole idea of
impeachment is to remove a man guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors. To get rid of a tyrant. Ultimately they decide that
a charge is irrelevant, and lies are more valuable than the truth - if someone challenges them, their response is to divert to ANOTHER
topic. One character rambles on how she is ready to take to the streets with her gun because she's just tired of him.

It more or less comes down to, the Constitution and rule of law be damned, it doesn't matter because he shouldn't BE there.
A later episode hints at the pee tape - and whether the person is part of Project Veritas or some right-wing group trying to trap
them - or if it is true. Although the episode ends suggesting the pee tape is true - they make an interesting observation......

That a person might be judged in history by the enemies they have - and the Democrats are willing to go to hookers in Moscow
and peeing on a bed and a porn star from more than ten years ago. So they decide - maybe we're better than this.

We both shook our heads.