The Health and Human Services Department calculated that, overall, premiums more than doubled between 2013 — the year before ObamaCare went into effect — and 2017.

Note that this doubling occurred while President Obama was in the White House (insurers announced their 2017 premiums in the summer of 2016).

The response from Democrats back then to these massive annual hikes in insurance costs?

They said they were temporary, because insurers initially underpriced their plans to attract customers and they had to make up for lost ground. Once ObamaCare markets stabilized, rates would too.

Mostly they argued that double-digit premium increases were no big deal because 87% of the people buying coverage in an ObamaCare exchange are getting subsidies, which effectively shield them from the rate hikes.

Dems Complain About Massive ObamaCare Premium Hikes — After Ignoring Them For Years