A Democratic senator said her campaign was 'hitting the road' in an RV to tour the state, but public flight information indicates her million-dollar private plane followed the same campaign route.

Sen. Claire McCaskill of Missouri said she was 'very excited to hit the road' for a 'Veterans for Claire' tour.

The RV was unveiled late last month by the senator, who is in a tough re-election contest.

The campaign kept a live blog of its three-day RV trip across the Show-Me State from May 29 to May 31, posting updates of its whereabouts. And McCaskill heavily touted the trip on her personal twitter account with its 457,000 followers.

McCaskill slammed the report that she was on a plane instead of the RV.

Missouri senator told supporters she was hitting the road for a three-day campaign RV... but had her $1 MILLION private plane take the same route

hmm seems very suspect