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Thread: WTH! Inattentive Drivers??

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    Quote Originally Posted by RoseRed View Post
    Same driver in two of the accidents... it appears to be a medical emergency. That being said, he should have his license yanked.
    From the comments:

    Wreck a Dodge, then you’ll have a trifecta!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jazz lady View Post
    From the comments:

    I didn't see that earlier!
    Quote Originally Posted by kom526 View Post
    Dear Baby Jesus lying in a crib in Bethlehem,
    I thank your divine intervention that I was not drinking anything when I read this post.

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    Hey that is the asshat that almost hit me the other day!
    If what I say offends you then you really don't want to hear what I keep to myself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by steppinthrax View Post
    I was always curious why my car insurance went up when I moved from Baltimore County to Calvert County. Over the past 7 years of living here, I know why.
    Calvert is considered more rural with more highway driving at highway speeds. The higher the speed = The more severe the collision.

    If you're ripping on Calvert drivers then disregard and carry on.
    Quote Originally Posted by aliceheimer View Post
    I still love you gary!

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