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Thread: 2 Samuel 20 David's Cabinet

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    2 Samuel 20 David's Cabinet

    2 Samuel 20:23 Joab was over Israel’s entire army; Benaiah son of Jehoiada was over the Kerethites and Pelethites; 24 Adoniram[c] was in charge of forced labor; Jehoshaphat son of Ahilud was recorder; 25 Sheva was secretary; Zadok and Abiathar were priests; 26 and Ira the Jairite[d] was David’s priest.

    c. 2 Samuel 20:24 Some Septuagint manuscripts (see also 1 Kings 4:6 and 5:14); Hebrew Adoram
    d. 2 Samuel 20:26 Hebrew; some Septuagint manuscripts and Syriac (see also 23:38) Ithrite

    See, now I thought Abishai was in control of the army. It says here that Joab is still in charge. Why did he go with Abishai when Abishai went out looking for Sheba. IMHO that's just strange.

    This is from

    Now Joab was over all the host of Israel--David, whatever his private wishes, found that he possessed not the power of removing Joab; so winking at the murder of Amasa, he re-established that officer in his former post of commander-in-chief. The enumeration of David's cabinet is here given to show that the government was re-established in its wonted course.

    This is from

    Joab had regained his position, which he retained until he participated in Adonijah’s rebellion.

    This is a summary of the positions that remained in David's reign. David left Joab as commander of all his forces after this incident. Benaiah was son of Jehoiada, the chief priest. He was over the body-guards of the Cherethites and Pelethites.

    “Adoram”: Rendered “Adoniram”. He was in charge of the “forced labor,” a term used to describe the hard labor imposed on subjugated peoples (Exodus 1:11; Joshua 16:10; Judges 1:28). Adoram oversaw the forced labor on such projects as the building of highways, temples and houses.

    All that is known of Adoram is what is here. There were many who paid tribute in those days, so this is a trusted position. There is very little known of Jehoshaphat either. The position of recorder was one of much importance.

    “Sheva”: He replaced Seraiah as David’s secretary.

    Sheva is the same as Seraiah. The scribe was the keeper of the public documents. We are already familiar with Zadok, who was high priest and Abiathar, as priest.

    “Ira”: He was David’s royal adviser.

    Ira was a priest minister, who worked closely with David. The saddest thing about this lesson is the attitude of David about every bad thing that happens. He connects everything with the sin that he committed to get Bath-sheba for him to wife.

    It looks like David has given himself a life sentence for his part in Uriah's death. Maybe that's why he trusts Joab in spite of the fact Joab is a murderer too. These are some very vicious men.

    This is from GodVine.

    Joab was over all the host - He had murdered Amasa, and seized on the supreme command: and such was his power at present, and the service which he had rendered to the state by quelling the rebellion of Sheba, that David was obliged to continue him; and dared not to call him to account for his murders without endangering the safety of the state by a civil war.

    Adoram - Not mentioned before by name or office. Apparently, therefore, the office was not instituted until the latter part of David's reign, and its duties probably were the collection of the tribute imposed upon vanquished nations, or the command of the forced levies employed in public works. Adoram was stoned to death in the beginning of the reign of Rehoboam 1 Kings 12:18.

    I just keep thinking.... Absalom, David's son, killed Amnon, David's son, for the rape of Tamar, David's daughter. Absalom started a rebellion against David and Joab killed Absalom. Then Sheba started a rebellion because he was faithful to Absalom over David. It was Joab who collected Sheba's head. Joab's that guy... the one who takes care of things for David.

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