We took my grandson to the coolest place: Topgolf

It's not for kids, it's a driving range on steroids, but he had fun. There are three tiers and you hit microchipped balls out over a set of targets. It tracks your speed, curve, hang time, etc, and you can play competitively, getting points for hitting nearer the bullseye. It was a blast! The stations have table service, so you can get a drink or some food. Monello and I need to go back without the kid.

This weekend my son is getting married, so that will consume our time, then we're taking my grandson to Bandera, TX and spending the week at a dude ranch. Riding horses, tubing the river, there's a pool, hayrides, all kinds of stuff. I've been wanting to do this for a long time and I'm really excited! I thought about bringing my granddaughter, too, but she's only three and won't be able to do anything fun. We'll do something else with her. Riggs is going to his other grandmother when we get back from the dude ranch, so I can spend some one-on-one with Noelle.