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Thread: I know this is an anne arundel county decision but it happens in so many elections

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hijinx View Post
    Yah, yah, Yah the anonymous forumite says.

    For a man that has posted his sons picture more than once and what he drives along with mine,
    I'm not that anonymous, and at 240 lbs its not that easy to hide.
    And at least two members that occasionally post know me well.
    No one cares.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SamSpade View Post
    You won't get an argument from me.
    Thirty years ago, a frat president repeatedly raped and beat and burned my little sister until she was black and blue.
    After three hours - she got away. Reported it - and no one believed her because the kid was rich and had a good rep.
    Took it to trial - and she had an affidavit from his ROOMMATE who had been hiding under the bed during the ordeal
    because he knew how violent his roomie was. Guy got ten years. She was beaten so badly the cop taking her pictures threw up.

    My family chose to tell me much later after it happened - because they knew I'd get my friends together
    and beat him until he begged for death.

    If you're guilty - you deserve what's coming. That's what justice means to me - you get what you deserve.
    I can't imagine having that happen..
    I had a industrial arts teacher in JH school smack me a few times with a lexan dowel one day. The morning after my father saw the welts on me he put his hands on Mr Nickolas in the hallway in front of his classroom.
    My dad went to jail that morning, but like he told the officers, and later the Judge, no one puts his hands on his kids but him. Our Master Chief, wasn't afraid to get dirty when the need arose.
    Sometimes in life, you have to spit on your hands and start to slit some throats.
    No one cares.

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