They are NOT too stupid to get it. It’s simple. Democrats want mass migration as a means to replenish their base. A few handouts to those that value them more than the average person and voila, an instant democrat for life. All under the guise of protecting the innocent children and preventing the breakup of families. These Harris, Booker, Schumer lowlifes care NADA about children. It’s all about power and greed. I for one applaud Trump on many fronts. Does he have an ego? Yep. The most articulate speaker in the world? Nope. A bit crude at times? Yep. But not a giant useless pussy like Obama. People are sheep. And while Obama was a nice guy and talked the talk, he was gutless and could never walk the walk. I say save the expense and install a low cost simple chain link fence across the border, 2 in parallel separated by 100 yds of intensely land mined interior. And as a token of my good will and common decency, taxpayer provided signs in every language with a warning. Problem solved overnight.