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Thread: Ready, Set, MOW!!! 2018 Version

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    Ready, Set, MOW!!! 2018 Version

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    Wrinkles only go where the smiles have been.

    Somewhere, a teacher is crying with their red marker after reading your dribble.

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    When my grandma found that Amish guy's toe in her medicine cabinet we drove by that farm on our way to do the right thing and we stopped there on the way back and got some apple butter and scallion preserves that my grandma said was the best ever. She was so disappointed when she saw that big statute in the field because she said she could never come back because of the idol worship. She even tried to tear down their altar and bust that idol up but it was too big and some people came out and told her to leave before she could do any damage. Anyways my uncle Stanley has the fastest lawnmower on our street and when he comes out of the front ditch he can jump almost half way across the driveway. My grandma owns half of that mower though and she says forget about racing there because of the First Commandment and they probably have a minotaur in that maze which is also an abomination. Even when her church group goes to that farm they are forbidden to bow down to the idol, go in the maze, or spend more than $8 each on preserves or gourds or whatever and each person has to leave at least two tracts about the dangers of idol worship. My grandma says its a good compromise and she gets two jars of preserves and eats one on the bus on the way back to church.

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