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Thread: New firewall set up and...

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    New firewall set up and...

    My work computer doesn't like it - and it is configured in such a way that I can't mess with the security features on it.

    So I set up a direct line to the cable modem bypassing the firewall set up on the wi-fi.

    So question - on my wifi, it permits two "lines" - I don't know the proper term - one is 2.4 and one is 5 G.
    I'd like to use my wi-fi, and the 5G one actually has a different name.

    Can I use that, bypass the firewall and have a separate password? I realize it's not much to go on, but
    I hate putting up controls on my Internet only for it to eff up legitimate use of it.
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    So you set up a firewall in the router and not a seperate hardware firewall for the entire network (i.e. Internet Modem --> Router w/ Built-In Firewall vs. Modem-->Firewall-->Router)?

    The term is a "dual band" router. Assuming you've decided you need the 5GHz band, your router likely has a "guest" network option (for both bands). Most people use it as an open network seperate from their home or business wifi. You should be able to open the guest network on the 5GHz band and make it password protected. Note that guest networks disable device to device communication, so if you need that for whatever reason, this won't work for you.
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