President Donald Trump has indicated that he is willing to slap tariffs on every Chinese good imported to the U.S. should the need arise.

"I'm ready to go to 500," the president told CNBC's Joe Kernen in a "Squawk Box" interview.

The reference is to the dollar amount of Chinese imports the U.S. accepted in 2017 $505.5 billion to be exact, compared to the $129.9 billion the U.S. exported to China, according to Census Bureau data.

India targeted American apples with an additional 25 percent customs duty, which when added with the existing 50 percent levy will increase the import tax to a hefty 75 percent. India also is adding a 20 percent tariff on almonds and a whopping 120 percent levy on walnuts. India's new tariffs are set to take effect Aug. 4.

It comes on the heels of Mexico last month imposing its own retaliatory tariffs of 20 percent on U.S. fresh apples and several other agricultural and food products in response to the administration's imported steel duties.

China, meantime, rolled out new 25 percent duties on July 6 on $34 billion worth of U.S. products including soybeans, fresh apples, certain tree fruits, citrus and cherries. The move followed the 15 percent tariff levied in April on U.S. fruit, wine and certain tree nuts, such as almonds, pistachios and walnuts.

Turkey also targeted U.S. walnuts last month and certain other products with new duties due to the administration's imported steel tariffs. Turkey ranks as the number 2 export market for California walnuts after the EU, according to the state Department of Food and Agriculture.