A 23-year-old professional “Call of Duty player” decided he needed to focus more on his job, so he dumped his girlfriend, who has been called “the world’s sexiest weathergirl.”

On YouTube, Douglas “FaZe Censor” Martin announced his decision to split from his girlfriend, Yanet Garcia, 26, saying “I don’t have time for a girlfriend.” He said, “I feel like everything started to change once she decided go take her job offer in Mexico City.” Martin added that he was “totally supportive,” but his concentration needed to be on “Call of Duty,” as he was under contract.

Martin continued, “For me to manage being a professional Call of Duty player … being a YouTuber, making videos, playing ‘Call of Duty full-time, taking care of two dogs, having a house and going through renovations, and then also managing a girlfriend; it's like I had to pick my poison of what I wanted to spend my time and focus on. Like, there’s only 24 hours in a day.” He noted he would be playing “Black Ops IV,” full-time while she was “doing that job over there.”

PRIORITIES: Pro Gamer Dumps 'World's Sexiest Weathergirl' To Focus On Gaming

In like video games [a lot] but this guy's priorities are wack ..... unless she is demanding more time than he can allow to get all the work done, required to support a youtube channel

oh but he can manage the 2 dogs and a house renovation ... just a not a GF with all that

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