If approved, it would force restaurants and caterers to make every single ingredient public — even secret recipes. An Edison town council member wants to know exactly what’s cooking in restaurant kitchens to help prevent allergic reactions.

The new proposal would require eateries to list all ingredients on their menus that trigger food allergies. The owners at Indian Eatery House are on board, since they already try to do it.

“We want to take care of health concerns like allergies,” co-owner Sam Shyam said. “The way a customer wants on the table, we will serve.”

Other customers say it’s just too much information to sift through, and that the customer can just ask a server. Not to mention, the added administrative burdens on a small business such as La Bonbonniere Bake Shoppe on Route 27.

“There would be costs of implementing it, updating it, you always have that risk that now you’ve published something and it’s not updated then you have liability issues,” bakery owner Brian Pansari said. “As a parent, my son has a nut allergy so we face that situation all the time. Here we have baked goods that we don’t necessarily incorporate nuts in them, but we use shared equipment.”